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As 2011 draws to a close, I look back and hope to learn from the past as I prepare to embrace the future. To all of the blogging friends my husband and I have made this year and hopefully many new friends awaiting us in 2012; May you all have a healthy and prosperous New Year!


Several weeks ago, my eight years old son had a dental appointment. The dentist stated that my son has a cavity in his baby tooth, so a silver crown needs to be placed in order for his adult teeth to be in perfect alignment. If we do not proceed with this procedure, then his adult teeth could be at risk and the possibility of braces will be greater, because the new teeth coming in will not have a guide.


I was very impressed when we went to the new dental clinic that was referred to us. This dental clinic was for children. They have a play area with video games that is for the children and the parents. My kidz were occupied with the video games; they did not even notice the waiting period. The great thing, Mommy did not get stressed even if she had three children that day, because of the play that they provided for the children. After my son got his peri-apical x-rays and evaluation, they got a chance to pick a toy as a gift for them being good. The dentist office has a box attached to a wall. The box has numerous toys which patients can select. Both of my boys selected a sword. Well, what can I say… Boys will be boys. And my baby girl picked and orange frog. Yahoo, free game time + free toys = Mommy being stress free!!!!


Next week will be the procedure and I am glad that we were able to detect the cavity while it was not causing him pain or discomfort. I hope that he will do good during the procedure, which I really believe he will do fine since he has been exposed to dental clinics to take care of his teeth.


My baby having fun with the toys inside the play area.


Having fun with the video games.


They are occupied while waiting for the dental check up.


My baby even tried to play the video game.


They don't need to argue who will play first because there were plenty of video games that they can choose from.


They were talking about this particular game.


My phone actually takes good pictures.



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The article written by Victor Flowers

My wife has been sick for a long time. It is not anything major and the doctors expect a full recovery. However, whatever she has makes her very tired and weak. She sleeps a lot and I am then left to do all the housework and such. It is not a big deal, but I am not as good as my wife. The worst part is that we are moving next week. I have been working nonstop to try and make everything perfect for the move. I don’t want my wife to be stressing anymore than she already does. I have the entire house packed into labeled and organized boxes. I have the texas electricity providers installing the power at the new house tomorrow and the cable company the next. I decided to hire movers because it was going to be a lot on me and my wife to move things on our own. We originally wanted to save money, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I just hope my wife gets better soon. I worry about her, but keep telling myself it will be fine.

Since we had a great date night out without our children, we wanted to surprise them with something sweet. Our childfren are our pride and joy. They make our lives complete and they give us joy!


We went to one of the stores in the mall that sells candy; any type of candy, you can can find it there. They all looked very yummy. But our selection was to pick a chocolate, caramel, and peanut covered s… Very delicious…


Here’s what the apple looked like before the kids devoured it.


Apple covered with chocolates and peanuts.


Very delicious.



My husband and I moved into our new home approximately two years ago.  One of the main features we really liked about our home was the hardwood floors.  When we viewed the house, while it was on the real estate market, we were really drawn to the hardwood floors, especially in our boy’s bedroom.  The floors provided a quick cleanup in the event of an accident; plus they look great.


While decorating our boy’s room, we decided to accent the hardwood floors with a designer children’s rug.  Designer rugs add that special touch to a room.  The rug we selected for our boy’s room was designed as a small town.  The rug has roads, buildings, streams, and bridges woven into a pattern; the rug even has its own police station.  Our children play on the rug with their toy cars and trucks.  The designer rug has provided them with hours of entertainment; our daughter has even played with them on the rug in their bedroom.


Designer rugs are not only beautiful and distinctive but are also enjoyable; some designer rugs can even be used during playtime.

On December 1, our daughter turns seventeen. Oh how fast the days have flown past; it seems as though she was just twelve years old and now she is almost a legal adult. I am so blessed to be a part of her life. I have seen her turn into a beautiful young lady. I am so proud of how she has matured and taken on more responsibility.

She has been a great help to me and her siblings. I always appreciates all the help that she lends to me. She assists with the house chores and helps baby sit her sister. She has been responsible with her assigned tasks at home and with her finances. She doesn’t talk back or disrespect my husband and I. She always makes certain to be polite to us and to other people. How proud and blessed I am to be her step-mother.

To you Sisi…. We love you so much and we are very proud of you. Happy, happy birthday and we hope you will have a great and blessed birthday!!!

Showing her birthday gift from us; She deserves it!





My husband and I totally remodeled our previous residence before we placed it on the real estate market.  We replaced almost every major appliance in the house with a current stainless-steel version.  My husband worked until midnight, every night, for an entire month, remodeling our house.  However, this was still not enough to put our house above the competition.  Staging, a term I have never heard before, provided the final touch that enabled our house to sell quickly.


The staging process consisted of; you guessed it, staging décor to accentuate our house. The home staging décor included mirrors, house plants, artwork, pictures, fabrics, and knickknacks.  One of the primary pieces of décor was custom framed items.  These items ranged from artwork to pictures.  Even though each piece of wall décor looked exclusive, the only common factor was the customized frames.  Each piece of décor was highlighted by its customized picture frame.  This provided our house with a truly unique characteristic that no other house in the area offered.  My husband and I admired the craftsmanship and everlasting beauty of the frames.  We believe this enabled our house to sell the same day it was placed on the real estate market.


This post was sponsored by custom framing nyc.  I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog and was compensated for this post. However, the views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

It was during the year 2009 when my husband and I planned for a Walt Disney vacation with our children. We thought that it would be a great vacation for our children, especially since our children have seen almost every recent Disney movie. All the activities and rides at Walt Disney World would give them great memories that would last a lifetime. This type of family vacation would be something that our children (when they are adults) would share with their own children; they may even have ambitions to make it a family tradition.


However, going back to our vacation plans, we looked around for an accommodation available within Walt Disney World Resort. One of the themes that we were interested in was the epcot resort hotel , they had so much to offer for the children, as well as the adults. I like the fact that they not only accommodate adult guests, but also give children a lot of educational activities to experience.


Unfortunately, our vacation plans never came to fruition, as we found out that I was pregnant. We had to make a difficult decision and cancel our vacation plans. Walt Disney World refunded our deposit without charging us a fee. We are still looking forward taking our children to Walt Disney World and we will be considering the epcot resort hotel.

We bought a toy for our baby girl a few weeks ago; guess what it was? A laptop toy! Our baby girl always gets her brother’s toy computer and sits beside me when I am blog walking or writing my articles for my blog. She likes to pretend that she is also doing what Mommy is doing. So since her brother’s laptop didn’t work anymore, my husband and I bought her, her own laptop. She loves to play with her toy laptop. I like buying toys that are not just for enjoyment, but are also for education.


This laptop toy has won an award as one of the best educational toys made by the manufacturer. I am glad I found it because I am sure that our baby will learn her ABC’s, number, shapes and nursery rhymes early. She likes to tote it around the house as if she is a big girl. She can also type fast, LOL!


I recommend this toy for those mothers who are looking for a toy that will help their children learn and at the same time have fun with it.


Her new laptop toy.


Colorful and fun to learn.


Logo showing their award for this toy.


My future blogger.